Bekkie Kershaw, aka Dirty Grrrl, studies Sound Art at Futureworks in Manchester aiming to work in the music industry. She is an artist with an  interest in feminism and some of the weirder things life.

What techniques/mediums do you mainly work with?

I love older technology and the glitches that come along with it. I like to take inspiration from this and create my body of work using collages techniques from the 90s and using VHS overlays for my videos. I also like to create sound using distortion and reverb which is inspired by my alternative music taste. I also love finding vintage images to create collages.


Do you focus on any specific themes in your artwork? Any themes you have never tried but plan to?

At the beginning I heavily focused on being a women and feminism from my personal point of view. I like to take taboo subjects use the imagery to create a collage of whatever I feel like that day. However more recently some of my newer subjects have expanded to witchcraft, the occult and space. Sometimes I tie these themes in with feminism or just create something new. Some people might find these subjects strange hence why these topics appeal to me so much. In thenear future I want to experiment more with projection and installations.

What is your favourite project or piece of artwork you have ever created?

I really enjoy my water in space sound piece and my video art. I also liked the collage I did called ‘who said men are from mars and women are from Venus?’


What inspired you to become an artist?

I’ve always been artistic. As a child I’ve always been interested in filming and recording things, as I got older I spent a lot of time on my computer editing and making videos, songs or websites. Its a form of catharsis for me now. I enjoy making things that are in my head, it relaxes me and I feel like if at least 1 person see something I make that day and like it then I’m happy.

Tell us about your course.

I study music Production but focus on the production of sound art. Something I want to create more of for my installations.


What is the most important thing you have learnt whilst doing your degree?

How movements such as music concrete have been so important in the progression of music. How it taught us that music does not have to have such strict boundaries such as score it can be non liner and abstract.

What is your dream job?

Anything where I can use my artistic qualities all day every day.


Are you working on any new projects right now?

Some projection videos.

Who is your phenomenal woman and why?

Courtney love, because she warped society’s views of femininity in a way that has inspired my work a lot.


Check out Bekkie’s YouTube channel and her website for more videos and artwork.