“I’m a fat ass pink bow youth crew loving BITCH, go ahead and you can try and stop me!!!” 

We caught up with the all girl hardcore, punk band Lowest Priority from Seattle, Washington to discuss their recent tour and future plans. Artwork by Justine Tobias.


Hey girls, tell us a bit about Lowest Priority.

We started playing together in January 2016 and were brought together because we share similar values and passions, such as being vegan, straight edge, intersectional feminists and also loving skateboarding.

Any plans for a full length? If so, when do you hope to release it?

We are currently working on writing 4 songs, so we can release a new tape that will be out in Spring 2017. After that, we will focus on a full length.

Tell us about your West Coast Tour. 

Our tour was the best! We were super lucky to have such a great time. This was everyone’s first tour. We received a lot of great advice from our friends, which helped a lot. We ate a lot of great food, skated a lot of rad skate parks, saw a lot of friends, made new ones and our van didn’t blow up. Thanks to all the bands, promoters and people who put us up.


Are there any upcoming shows you’re looking forward to?

We are about to play the last GLOSS show which will be amazing/sad. Also, we have plans to hit the East Coast this spring.

Who are the band’s main inspirations? 

Youth of Today, GLOSS, Hysterix, Firewalker, Dame, Rare Form, The Real Cost, Odd Man Out and Lower Species. Nw Hardcore rules.


Fusion Cafe, Seattle. 10th September 2016. Photography: Dan Gonyea.

You tweeted about toxic masculinity at your shows, what is that in reference to?

We asked cis straight bros to go to the side and let everyone else space to mosh. They didnt get it and didnt move out of the way. Next thing we knew, a fight broke out. I guess the culprits were just some kids that were new to the scene that didnt know what’s up. We hope that by us playing shows it helps to change this and we can make space for people that often feel left out. Basically, if someone comes out to see us, we want to make space for them.

How do the boys in hardcore respond to your music?

We’ve gotten some decent support. Shout out to Phil for helping us record, Antonio for filling in for us for months, Payden, Ian and Terrace for sharing gear. Alex for going on tour and driving most of the way. Dan for taking the sickest pics.


Fusion Cafe, Seattle. 10th September 2016. Photography: Dan Gonyea.

Do you feel that marginalised groups are represented enough in hardcore?


For the girls who may not know anything about hardcore, what would you tell them about it? 

Maya: Hardcore has given me a way to let out my anger, but also make a positive change. It has also helped me find friends and build community.


Southgate Roller Rink, Seattle. 31st October 2016. Photography: Dan Gonyea.

For t-shirts, zines and tapes, visit the band’s store and give their Facebook page a like. 


Interview by Amy Smithers @photogrrrlx




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