International Women’s Day is an annual celebration of the achievements, talent and intelligence of women today, and throughout history. Last year, people from all over the world supported the International Women’s Day campaign #PledgeForParity. This year, the organisers ask us to #BeBoldForChange and to take bold actions in achieving gender equality for a more inclusive world. We believe that individuals from all over the world can advance gender parity and help women strive through mutual support and unity.

In support of this and Women’s History Month, Grrrlizm will be posting a range of articles in celebration of women throughout history, beginning with our new series ‘Women Behind The Lens’ and ‘Phenomenal Woman’.

Bekkie Kershaw IWD

“Grrrlizm will celebrate creative women’s achievements and artwork for International Women’s Day by featuring their work on our platform to inspire our followers. In addition to this, we will continue to give spotlight to creatives who deserve recognition for their craft and their voice expressed through the arts.” – Grrrlizm, Art Collective and Blog @grrrlizm 

“I’ll be challenging inequality today by heading down to a ‘Repeal the 8th’ strike at Uni Square in Liverpool at 6pm. Wearing black, we will be collectively showing our support for Irish women and their call for safe health care and body autonomy in their own country. Women’s rights are human rights. Also, I recently documented the strikes and protests across Northern and Republic of Ireland, Poland, and the USA through an exhibition piece and zine. It is her body!” – Bev Irving, Illustration Student @bevann_illustration

Bevann Illustration

“I believe that the law cannot command respect if those who administer it do not reflect a diverse population. The current judiciary is dominated by men and male perspective. I will challenge bias and inequality within jurisprudence whilst continuing to study law and by encouraging others to consider these issues. My inspiration is Baroness Hale, the first and only woman to sit in the Supreme Court.” – Kayleigh Holleran, Law Student @kayleighholleran 

“Warsan Shire once wrote “ You are terrifying and strange and beautiful, something not everyone knows how to love”. As Women we are told we are difficult to love, hard to handle and bitchy for going for what we love. This is a bad thing? No. We are a driving force in industry and in the household. We are mothers, lovers, CEO’s and artists. We are difficult. We are human and that is what is difficult to love. We should celebrate our power as women to be strong in the face of adversity, to laugh at out mistakes and be confident in our convictions. We are fierce, we are loyal and we are stronger together. This International Women’s Day, I pledge to celebrate that I am difficult to love because I am fighting for my future and that of my future children. I am going to celebrate my sisters, tell them when they’re killing it and how proud I am of them. We are stronger together and even harder to break. Together we can do anything. Not everyone should know how to love you, but they should know how to celebrate you. Go get ‘em girl.” – Sophie White, Photography Student @sophiegracewhite 

How will you #BeBoldForChange? #IWD2017


Collage by Bekkie Kershaw. Article by Amy Smithers.


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